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Roofing Sales Rep Information

Few positions offer the earning potential of a Roofing Sales Representative, but do you have what it takes? For an inside look at a Day in the Life of a Tremco Roofing Sales Representative click here. Then get your calculator ready for a 45 minute Virtual Job Tryout right here.

General Information
A history of unusually high sales performance; since 1928, Tremco Incorporated has been a leader in solving complex waterproofing and roofing problems for commercial, institutional and industrial firms. We offer our customers "Roofing and Weatherproofing Peace of Mind" not only with high quality products, but through employees who embrace teamwork, integrity, ethics and continuous improvement.

In return for your unique individual and team talents, determination and desire to succeed, we offer you:

  • The opportunity to become a professional sales representative and an important member of an exclusive interdependent sales-oriented company.
  • The opportunity to learn about Tremco through a multi-step informative hiring process.
  • The opportunity to grow with a corporation that is dedicated to your success by providing you with maximum support.
  • The opportunity to attend a comprehensive sales training program unmatched by any in our industry.
  • The opportunity to earn unlimited income directly related to your individual and team sales efforts.
  • The opportunity to have a comprehensive benefits program that provides you with a sound future.
  • If you are interested in becoming a sales representative, go to the Current Job Opportunities page to find a location near you.
We Only Sell Proven Roofing Systems

Tremco's diverse and expanding product line includes high quality materials and systems for roof replacement and restoration, as well as similar systems and products for exterior walls and concrete floors. Tremco manufactures over 400 products and systems, many of which are patented.

How the Roofing Division Goes to Market

A key objective of the Roofing Division is to establish long-term account relationships. After identifying new prospects, a steady, concentrated development of these accounts occurs. Our representatives soon become the accounts' personal problem-solvers in roofing and waterproofing, by providing outstanding service that makes doing business with us easy and satisfying.

We target our sales calls to plant engineers, school and hospital officials, building owners and other management personnel of industrial, institutional and commercial establishments.

After an in-depth examination of the customer's roofs (as well as the walls and floors), our representatives diagnose the conditions and determine the exact nature of the deterioration. They then can recommend solutions for those specific conditions-creating an immediate opportunity for a sale. Our product line diversity allows representatives the opportunity to develop specific solutions to an account's unique problems.

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The Hiring Process

Tremco has a multi-step process that typically takes 2-3 weeks to complete.

STOP! Have you viewed our "Day in the Life" video and taken our Virtual Job Tryout? Get the details before you take the next step!

1st step:
Telephone interview with a Tremco recruiter.

2nd step:
Videoconference or face to face interview with a Tremco recruiter.

3rd step:
Videoconference or face to face interview with the Regional Manager (hiring manager). *Candidate will be asked to take a problem solving test at this interview.

4th step:
Field ride with an experienced Tremco Sales Representative (usually a full day).

5th step:
Videoconference or face to face interview with the Divisional Vice President.

6th step:
Consensus agreement among all interviewers to extend an offer of employment to the selected candidate.

In addition, you will be required to complete a post offer, pre-employment physical. You will be required to provide previous earnings history (W-2s from the past two years), and proof of your education (copy of College Diploma where applicable). A college degree is not mandatory for employment.

A background check will be conducted by Tremco, including references, employment history, credit history, criminal record and education. No current employment or personal references will be checked until you have accepted an offer with Tremco.

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Support Services

Personalized State Trainer
Each trainee is assigned a dedicated field sales trainer. This provides you with a single individual who will understand your personal needs and requirements and who can answer questions you have about developing and operating a sales territory.

Technical Services
Each of our representatives has access to technical support and assistance from technical service personnel, access to a nationwide computer network and support from our Research and Development Department. Our representatives are never alone when they face complicated technical issues-because help is just a phone call away.

Reference Library
To complement the representatives' field training, there is also an extensive publications, competitive information and audio/video library which deals with critical selling and technical issues and a computer network library containing hundreds of third party reference articles. Tremco employs a library services manager to assist representatives with their information search needs.

Equipment Requirements
All representatives are required to have an automobile in good condition, with proof of insurance. Tremco also agrees to provide you with a laptop computer. This computer is Tremco Incorporated property and if your employment should terminate, for any reason, the laptop must be returned to Tremco.

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The Training Process

Tremco has a multi-step process that typically takes eight months to one year to complete, with the understanding that the role as a Sales Representative requires many years of continued self-improvement to become proficient.

Phase A:
The time frame between the new representative's hire date and the first formal classroom environment. Primarily in-the-field exposure to roof tops and application practices, background reading and exercises.

Phase B (Level One):
A three week time frame which includes Orientation, Technical Training and Sales Processes. This time is spent in the Cleveland-based classroom. The environment is hands-on, including product applications.

Phase C:
An approximate 20 week time frame between the first formal class and the second formal class. This phase is sometimes referred to as the on-the-job training portion of the formal training process. During this time, the Sales Representative is required to meet sales activity and performance measures.

Phase D (Level Two):
A three week time frame which includes Orientation, Technical Training and Sales Processes. This advanced time frame is spent in the classroom, including product applications.

Continuing Education Phase:
Although the formal training program is fundamentally complete at this point, the new Sales Representatives are expected to continue the self-learning process through continued education and on-the-job training. This time frame will vary with each person depending on the efforts applied and the different customer situations. The progress is monitored by the training department even though the Representative is no longer carrying the title of trainee.

(Level Three):
A one week time frame which includes advanced studies centered around advanced sales techniques. This occurs approximately one year following the Phase D (Level Two) class.

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Sales Representative Assignment

Upon promotion to sales representative, your salary will be reviewed and your base salary may be adjusted with a merit based increase. This total will be your new base salary as a sales representative. Your base salary is a guaranteed draw against earned commissions and bonuses. If you are diligent, hardworking, persistent and knowledgeable, you have the ability to achieve unusually high earnings. You and your manager will structure a plan for total development of both you and your territory so that potential in these areas is maximized.

Training Period
Tremco's starting salary is typically between $50,000 - $60,000. This amount is based on your previous earnings history. You will need to provide W-2's for the past two years to document and verify your income. In addition, Tremco pays all approved business expenses each month. This includes all expenses, including automobile, insurance, lunches, etc. Tremco will provide you with a laptop computer upon acceptance of the written offer. This laptop computer is Tremco Incorporated property and if your employment, for any reason, should terminate the laptop computer must be returned to Tremco.

1st Year Sales Representative
Your base salary is reviewed an adjusted as necessary based on merit. This practice is customary, but it is not policy. Your Regional Manager can adjust these figures. Many 1st Year Representatives make $5,000 - $10,000 in commission in addition to their base salary.

2nd Year Plus
Your base salary is reviewed and adjusted as necessary. Income potential varies from territory to territory and individual to individual and the results can be dramatic. All of our sales reps have an unlimited income opportunity and an uncapped commission structure. Many of our successful representatives enjoy a 6 figure income. Tremco sales people are expected to continually develop new business within their territory and maintain positive, long-term relationships with existing accounts.

* Figures based on most recent fiscal year

As a condition of employment, each sales representative hired is required to sign a non-compete agreement.

At the end of the year, your performance is measured by results. Consequently, commissions and bonuses you earn will be paid to you at that time. Sales representatives are responsible for paying all of their business expenses while operating in their assigned territories.

If Relocation is Required
In selecting a training territory, the determining factors will be based primarily on our requirements at the time of hire, together with your situation and preference. Go to the Current Job Opportunities page to find available territories.

In the event that relocation is necessary, your move should typically take place immediately following the completion of Level Two training. Arrangements for the move will be handled through our Human Resources Department. A copy of our relocation policy is given to all relocation candidates at the time of employment.

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